Selection and purchase via the e-shop

Do you like to select goods on the Internet from the comfort of your office or you already know our products and know exactly what gifts you are interested in? Then you can choose everything from our selection of promotional items from the REDA e-shop and then order everything directly.

To purchase via the REDA e-shop you need to be registered, which is possible by filling in the necessary data. The mandatory registration data are: username and password, which you choose yourself to log on to the e-shop, then your name, the name and address of your company, contact, and last but not least your company registration number.

We approach each customer individually, so each registration is manually confirmed by a sales representative, which will then be assigned to you.

A soon as the registration is confirmed, you can shop and in case of any doubts or questions you can always contact the relevant sales department.

Selection with the help of an agent and purchasing via the e-shop

ZYou can browse the goods and select in our sales department or borrow a sample and think over the selection of your promotional items. You can then order the selected items from the comfort of your office via the e-shop.

Selection in the e-shop and purchasing with the help of an agent.

Do you like to select goods on the Internet from the comfort of your office or home but do not trust online stores? We have an option for your convenient purchasing.

Select promotional and gift items in our e-shop, where you can also see the actual stock availability and then order the products by email, telephone or in person in our sales department.

Selection and purchasing with the help of an agent

We offer a wide range of promotional and gift items, and therefore we know that it is not always easy to choose. Our sales department will gladly help you with the selection of promotional gifts. Contact our headquarters in Brno or our branch offices in Prague, Ostrava, Plzen and Zlín and make an appointment with our sales representative. All of the goods can be viewed in our commercial departments and our sales representatives will discuss with you the possibility of printing a suitable selection of promotional items.

You can borrow samples of our promotional items. You can order either directly in store or even to think everything over and then order the goods by email or telephone.