Do you want to optimize costs and the selection of promotional items for your company?

Are you looking for a reliable partner for providing logistic services in the field of promotional gifts?

We are professionals, who will help you with the management of logistics projects. We have a clear strategy to meet your requirements in the field of gift items.

We will help you:

  • reduce the cost of providing promotional and gift items,
  • optimize the process of selection and purchase of goods, including printing or gifts for loyalty programs,
  • provide e-shop solutions according to your requirements,
  • reduce the cost of storage and shipping of all of your promotional items,
  • deliver gifts from as little as one piece to the required location at the right time,
  • provide all reports on the movement of goods,
  • shorten the execution time of your orders.

We are your partner for logistics, promotional and gift items.

Offer of logistics services..

Selection and receipt of goods:

  • We provide printed goods for your needs either from our product range or from the offers of other suppliers. Thanks to loyalty programs we offer a wide range of above-standard products for exclusive prices. We assume the responsibility for negotiations with suppliers, thereby saving you time and money.

Storage of products:

  • Thanks to our cutting-edge logistics center we provide a sufficient amount of goods in stock for the duration of the agreed project. Hence, there is no need to solve the space or the costs of storing the goods.

Shipping of goods:

  • We offer forwarding services, in which we pay attention to speed, quality and price. To reduce erroneous shipments every item undergoes two inspections during dispatch. We deliver goods from as little as one piece to EU countries and beyond, including the all customs administration.

E-shop solutions:

  • We can ensure easier and faster sale of your promotional items using tailor-made e-shop solutions. We offer closed e-shops for a limited group of users with the option of allocating and monitoring budgets, as well as open online stores for the general public.


  • Based on your requirements, we can provide you with all information associated with goods, orders or specific users. Thanks to our precise reports we can maximize savings on time and money.