Imprint of promotional items

As specialists in printing of promotional items we offer wide range of different printing technologies to decorate textiles, small promotional items, calendars, diaries, leather products, ceramics, golf equipment and many other products. Selected products can be printed each with a different name in the context of a single type.


To our significant customers we offer a complex service and exclusive logistics in form of printing products and then their storage in our warehouse. For this purpose there was built a department that specializes in these matters. The goods are delivered within the Czech Republic, to the countries of EU and also to the countries outside the EU.

Gift Package

We realize that representative looking-good package is as important as the gift itself. This is why we offer you a variety of gift packaging from simple decorations to more complex arrangements according to your requirements and wishes.


We will deliver all your ordered products to you and in time. This service is accommodated by reputable carriers such as PPL, TNT etc.